We are an accredited provider of Dermalogica skincare Products, Facials and Massages. Our facials are especially matched to suit your individual skin type, carried out after a skin mapping session with our skincare specialist.

Cosmetic Injections:

We now offer an extensive range of Cosmetic Injections, ranging from fillers, to injections which treat fine lines, wrinkles and much more! Contact us to book a consultation with our Cosmetic Injection specialist!

GeneO+ Super Facial

Experience the GeneO+ 4 in 1 super facial, which will give you an even skin tone, as well leaving your skin visibly smoother and more radiant looking!

Get Ready for Summer!

Want to look flawless in time for your summer holidays? Then look no further than Beyond Beauty where we offer a range of treatments from hair removal to skin rejuvenation and skin tightening and firming treatments which will help you get ready for summer in no time! Browse our website to find out more and contact us for more information!

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Beyond Beauty Treatments

A skin rejuvenation clinic located on Birmingham City's bustling Broad Street, Beyond Beauty aims to bring its clients closer to their ideal beauty and beyond. We welcome ladies and gentlemen who aspire toward a younger, more natural complexion, and we have a plethora of non-invasive treatment options to offer you lasting results for a firmer, softer and younger-looking skin.

We use state-of-the-art equipment to offer a wide array of fail-safe skin care treatments to both men and women, which alleviate all skin conditions and improve the appearance of any type of complexion. As a local authorised Ellipse IPL Laser service provider, our clinic uses award-winning technology proven to rejuvenate the skin, dispel acne, permanently remove hair, and heal vascular lesions, among others.

Advanced Facial and Body Beauty Treatments

Thanks to advances in laser technology, breakthrough skin treatments and therapies have become available to all those hoping to improve the appearance of their skin, or who want to minimise the need for long-term beauty treatment.

IPL & laser treatments are offered at our clinic by certified professionals who undergo advanced and ongoing training in using internationally acclaimed Ellipse products. The technology that underpins these products has been thoroughly tested by leading specialists and physicians for safety and effectiveness.

Our revolutionary cosmetic treatments are tailored to suit the needs of the health conscious and the well-groomed, as well as those with more profound skin ailments and needs. Our skin care package currently includes the following beauty treatments:

• Hair Removal

At Beyond Beauty, we use innovative IPL and Laser hair removal techniques to rid you of unwanted hair painlessly and effortlessly. It's the ideal procedure for large and sensitive target areas, such as the bikini line or the underarms, and it's a fast and long-lasting alternative to traditional hair removal methods. Read more about Hair Removal.

• Skin Rejuvenation

Restoring the skin's smooth, spotless and youthful texture is what our photo-rejuvenation IPL treatment excels in. Sun-damaged skin with moles and dark spots will reclaim its former charm and health thanks to our anti-ageing treatments, which are scientifically designed to target and repair the skin, removing unwanted features and reversing the effects of prolonged sun exposure. Learn more about Skin Rejuvenation.

• Fair Thread Vein Removal

Unsightly thread veins on the cheek and nose area are a common occurrence for both men and women, but our cutting-edge skin treatments can make telangiectasias, as they are medically called, a thing of the past. IPL & laser treatments at the Beyond Beauty clinic will reduce the redness substantially, making them invisible to the naked eye. Find out more about this treatment.

• Acne Treatment

Beyond Beauty offers the ultimate in beauty treatment programmes dedicated to acne sufferers. Over the course of a few 30-minute sessions, our therapists will target the bacteria causing the condition at a cellular level, nipping it in the bud and preventing its recurrence, to keep the skin smooth and clean for longer. See how we can help you.

Contact us today at 0121 643 4433 for a complimentary skin consultation, and avail yourself of the opportunity to restore your complexion's true elasticity, tone, colour and aesthetic charm. The sooner you make your appointment or drop by our clinic at 94 Broad Street and start your beauty treatment, the better your skin will look and feel.

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