IPL Hair Removal in Birmingham

IPL Hair Removal in Birmingham at Beyond Beauty Clinic

The team here at Beyond Beauty Birmingham have a passion for beauty therapy and are experts when it comes to IPL Hair Removal in Birmingham. Our certified beauty therapists can provide specialised beauty services including IPL hair removal and laser hair removal. At Beyond Beauty, we have the latest advancements in skin care technology and products, allowing us to provide the very best beauty therapy that will deliver excellent results.  IPL hair removal is a safe and efficient method of removing any unwanted hair and has proven long lasting results. You can call us today to book an appointment with one of our beauty therapists on  0121 643 4433. Get in touch today for the very best IPL Hair removal treatments.

What is IPL Hair Removal?

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) sends short shots of light down into your hair follicles, where the melanin within your skin converts the applied light into heat. This modern hair removal technology destroys the hair directly at the root and begins the process of permanent hair removal. Because our hair grows in cycles, our beauty therapists recommend a minimum of 6 sessions to truly see long lasting results. Their research shows that only 1 session of IPL hair removal has a much smaller impact on permanent hair removal. 

Award Winning IPL Hair Removal in Birmingham

People often ask if IPL hair removal hurts, and at beyond beauty we don't think so. The sensation of IPL hair removal has been described by many as the feeling of a rubber band snapping at the skin, and is relatively painless. Beyond Beauty therapists carry out regular treatments for IPL hair removal and you can expect to see long lasting results for permanent hair removal with the minimum recommendation of 6 to 8 sessions. The IPL hair removal treatment is a brilliant modern treatment that allows you to avoid any causing any stress or damage to skin as sometimes seen with waxing. 

Beyond Beauty therapists are here to provide you with more than just your typical beauty clinic experience by delivering long last IPL hair removal results that can leave your skin feeling smooth and beautiful.  

Why choose IPL hair removal with Beyond Beauty?

Beyond Beauty therapists only use cutting-edge technology and the very best techniques and products when it comes to IPL hair removal. As a recognised beauty clinic within the beauty industry, we only advocate and use IPL hair removal techniques that are best for our clients. If you receive our IPL hair removal treatment you will without a doubt see and feel unparalleled results. As one of the breakthrough hair removal technologies, IPL hair removal is perfect for facial hair removal and permanent hair removal. 

Our expert beauty therapists work through the night and are researching endlessly to ensure all of our clients receive the most effective and safe IPL hair removal in Birmingham. We really can deliver effective hair removal results. 

At Beyond Beauty, we value our customers like friends and we are here to provide you with a relaxing and enjoyable experience. All of our IPL hair removal & laser hair removal treatments are carried out by our wonderful certified therapists. With years of experience and advanced, ongoing training under their belts, Beyond Beauty therapists are second to none. Using only the very best internationally acclaimed IPL hair removal technology, we can truly deliver long lasting results and an unforgettable pampering experience. 

All technologies and treatments used by our therapists have been thoroughly tested by accredited specialists and physicians to ensure they are safe. Whilst both IPL hair removal and laser hair removal are fantastic at providing long last hair removal results, they are in fact two different treatments. 

Contact us today for IPL hair removal in Birmingham

For all IPL hair removal enquiries and bookings, please contact one of our lovely therapists today on 0121 643 4433. Beyond Beauty have advanced credentials and training for a variety of permanent hair removal treatments including IPL hair removal. We're also competitively priced and you can find us at our modern clinic in the very heart of Birmingham City Centre. So get in touch with our team today and book your first treatment of IPL hair removal in Birmingham

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