IPL Hair Removal in Harborne

IPL Hair removal in Harborne

Here at Beyond Beauty, we offer a range of IPL Hair removal and laser hair removal services. Our hair removal techniques provide a safe and reliable way to remove any unwanted hair, with long lasting results. All our laser hair removal and IPL hair removal treatments are carried out by certified professional beauty therapists who have received advanced and ongoing training for laser treatment and IPL hair removal technologies. All our hair removal technologies are thoroughly tested by leading experts and physicians, so call us today on 0121 643 4433 to book your IPL Hair Removal treatment in Harborne.

Founded in 2012, our passion for beauty therapy led to our first Beyond Beauty Clinic being opened and providing specialised IPL Hair Removal and Laser Hair Removal treatments. We’re dedicated to delivering more than just excellent results and our friendly therapists are brilliant at providing the perfect pampering experience. All our hair removal technologies deliver clear results that are long lasting.

At Beyond Beauty, we are dedicated to researching and analysing our laser hair removal technology to by thoroughly checking the safety and effectiveness of all machines we use – so we can deliver industry leading results. We’re proud of our credentials demonstrating our expertise in IPL hair removal and with our competitive prices, we’re the best beauty clinic that can provide professional IPL Hair Removal in Harborne.

IPL Hair Removal

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Hair Removal works by destroying the hair at its root which starts the process of hair growth prevention. Tiny shots of light travel along the hair follicles where the melanin within our skin will convert the light into heat – thus destroying the hairs root. The IPL hair removal experience has been described as an elastic band snapping against the skin and is relatively painless. The IPL Hair Removal treatments remove all unwanted hairs and have long lasting results, which is usually achievable within 6 to 8 sessions – recommended by our IPL Hair Removal therapists. This hair removal technique is one of the most renown methods on the marketplace for long-term hair removal.

The sessions themselves are not known to cause pain but users of IPL Hair Removal often report feeling a little hot with a light reddening of the skin. Most our clients who have received several sessions of IPL Hair Removal have reported that it isn’t painful, whilst some hardly sense uncomfortableness throughout all sessions. Clients are provided eye protection for the IPL Hair Removal procedure and they must be worn at all times. Prior to the IPL treatment, a soothing gel is rubbed on the treated areas to ensure optimal light transmission and maximum absorption by the hair follicle.

Permanent hair removal

You will witness results from the very first session of IPL Hair Removal, with an average of 30% hair reduction. For a longer lasting effect, we generally recommend 6 consultations but you will be consulted by our expert therapists who will recommend the best course of IPL Hair Removal treatment. Unfortunately, the IPL Hair Removal treatment does not work on grey, blonde, or coloured hair.

The best blend of skin and hair that sees optimal results is light skin with darker hair, as the melanin is targeted within the hair and absorbs all the IPL. There are a few types of hair that aren't appropriate for IPL, as the treatment is the effect on darker hair – with red, white and grey hair being unaffected by the treatment. The treatment is still effective on patients with blonde hair, but darker hair will see the very best results.

Laser hair removal

The IPL Laser treatment works brilliantly on facial hair (sideburns and upper lip). The treatment is also extremely effective on your arms, legs and armpits. The IPL Hair Removal treatment tends to work more effectively than laser hair removal as more types of hair can be removed with IPL. The amount of hair that can be removed within one session of IPL far surpasses that of the laser hair removal technique.

For more information on IPL Hair Removal in Harborne or to book an appointment with one of our industry leading therapists, please visit our Beyond Beauty salon or call 0121 392 7520

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