IPL Laser Hair Removal Colmore Row Birmingham

IPL Laser Hair Removal Colmore Row Birmingham by Beyond Beauty

The variety of services offered in our beauty salon range from the very basic manicure and pedicure and up to the more advanced laser and thermal beauty technology. These diverse specialisations of beauty treatments are directed at different parts of the body which the customer or patient requires. Find out more about our IPL treatments in Colmore Row

One very common problem amongst women that they seek the assistance of our beauty clinic to get a much more preferred solution is the development of undesirable hair in different body parts. There are various tweezing and waxing techniques, some are effortlessly carried out at home but produce a fairly short-term result. In the Beyond Beauty salon, however, the final results of treatments are longer lasting. On the list of different hair removal treatment options within our Birmingham beauty salon is definitely the Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal.

For more information on IPL laser hair removal local to Colmore Row in Birmingham please telephone 0121 643 4433

IPL Hair removal Colmore Row Birmingham

Intense Pulsed Light( IPL) harness light wave application. It has several wavelengths which only implies that the IPL accounts for a variety of symptoms and regions every session. Moreover, IPL is described to be gentle and safe. Clients that have been through IPL treatments don't have to be cautious about exposure to something which would impact the effectiveness of the treatment such as the sunshine or excessive high temperature. In addition, the IPL will be altered as per the patient's skin colour and type to create only the best likely end result.

IPL treatment solutions are effective in getting rid of hair from every part of the body: face, back, legs, arms, underarms as well as probably the most sensitive and private areas such as the bikini line, nipples and chest. The handpiece employed has been said to cool, soothe and glide along the skin. IPL isn't as uncomfortable as waxing. Three to six treatments are usually sufficient to completely eliminate the hair from common problem areas but various factors affect the beneficial effects of IPL( thickness of hair, the location subjected to treatment, the growth cycle of hair ).

The price of IPL treatment options depends on each person's hair type, characteristics and requirements. It is, consequently, better to visit the salon to get the best guidance and price.

Prior to going through any treatment, especially IPL, be sure to pick only the most trustworthy beauty clinic with certified and professional aestheticians and cosmetologists to accomplish guaranteed and risk-free treatments. Beyond Beauty, on Broad Street, Birmingham consider ourself the very best beauty salon in The City Of Birmingham for IPL treatment solution.

IPL Faq's

What does IPL stand for and exactly what is it?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal is a method to get rid of undesirable hair.

How does IPL work?

Intense Pulsed Light is used on the part to be treated. The heat produced by the light is consumed by the melanin and turned into heat, that makes the hair fall and burns the hair follicle to ensure that hair can not regrow.

What is achievable with IPL?

An effective hair removal, probably the greatest in the marketplace and a long term or semi- permanent( that is everlasting on 90 Percent of the body) removal of undesired hair.

Do IPL sessions cause pain?

No. You will simply feel just a little hot and possibly experience a minimal reddening. Feedback from clients who've had the therapy indicates that for many, Intense Pulsed Light hair removal just isn't painful or perhaps specifically uncomfortable. Some hardly sense any uncomfortableness in any respect. You will no doubt be provided with eye protection in view of the high intensity of the light utilised. A gel spread onto the skin may be used to ensure that the light is transmitted with utmost impact and absorbed into your hair follicle.

Which is the difference between IPL hair removal, hair laser removal and electrolysis?

IPL works better than laser, mainly because the types of hair that can be eliminated is bigger. With IPL it is achievable to take care of a large region within the same appointment and that makes it considerably faster than electrolysis, in which the treatment solution should be applied to every hair

Just how long will it take to see benefits?

IPL works well from the very first session, in which you should have a decrease in the unwelcome hair of 30%. To have a long-lasting end result you will want at least 6 consultations.

Is IPL permanent hair removal beneficial with all types of skin and hair?

The procedure does not work with grey, blonde or coloured hair.

Which is the best blend of skin and hair to perform a satisfactory hair removal?

Light skin and darkish hair is the greatest combination as melanin in targeted only within the hair, that can soak up all the light. Dark skin is not good for However, if your hair is red, white or grey, sorry, it won't work. For those who have fine blond hair, the final results may not be so impressive. Overall, there's a high customer satisfaction score for the therapy.

Where can IPL laser treatment be applied?

Intense Pulsed Light is a fantastic hair remover of hair in the face (sideburns, upper lip ) and legs and arms, included armpits. Pregnant or breastfeeding women can not undergo Intense Pulsed Light.

For additional information on IPL hair removal you should make contact with Beyond Beauty or visit us at the beauty salon on Broad Street, Edgbaston, Birmingham or call 0121 643 4433

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