About Us

In 2012, our founder followed a passion for beauty therapy and opened Beyond Beauty Clinic, determined to offer client’s specialised services using the latest advancements in technology and skin care products.

At Beyond Beauty we want to provide you not only with a pleasant experience each time you visit us, but also and experience which provides you with the results that you’re seeking by visiting us.

We only advocate and use technology which we believe clients will without a doubt see & feel evident results with, whether one’s goal is to achieve clearer skin through a treatment such as skin rejuvenation or whether you just want to feel pampered for an hour or two – we aim to please!

We believe that by researching tirelessly, reviewing our technology and checking the safety and effectiveness of the machines we use, we can deliver the results that you wish to see. 

Beyond Beauty Birmingham

5 Reasons to visit beyond beauty skin clinic

Credentials demonstrating advanced training and manufacturers authorisation.

In depth knowledge and understanding of skin conditions, allowing us to offer you the best course of treatment for visible improvements in your skin.

Competitively priced services, in an easily accessible modern clinic in the heart of Birmingham City Centre.

Clean and hygienic environment, where clients are made to feel welcome, relaxed and appreciated.

We value all clients, and so we want you to leave our clinic feeling that you've had a pleasant experience with us, whether you visit us just once, or every week!

Our advanced facial & body beauty treatments

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