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The best treatments for an even skin tone!


THE BEST SKIN TREATMENTS FOR AN EVEN TONEMany of us due to some reason or another, be it a result of sun damage or acne scarring from our teenage years, struggle with an uneven skin tone and can be at…

Beyond Beauty's guide to preparing for your big day!


Planning a wedding in Birmingham? We offer a range of beauty treatments to ensure you look your best on the big day. Call for a consultation 0121 643 4433

Facial Thread Veins Treatments Birmingham


Looking for Facial Thread Veins Treatment in Birmingham? Beyond Beauty offer IPL technology treatments to remove FTV safely and effectively. 0121 643 4433

​IPL Hair Laser Removal Edgbaston


Looking for the best IPL hair laser removal local to Edgbaston in Birmingham? Beyond Beauty, on Broad Street, offer IPL hair removal at great prices.

It's Detox season again!


Detox treatments available at Beyond Beauty, Broad Street Birmingham. Detox tips and advice to get a new you! 0121 643 4433

​Non-surgical Skin Tightening Birmingham


Looking for ​non-surgical skin tightening treatments in Birmingham? Beyond Beauty, on Broad Street, have the answer - the fantastic Venus Freeze treatment.

​Anti-Aging Treatment Methods Birmingham


Looking for ​anti-aging treatment methods in Birmingham? Broad Street's, Beyond Beauty Birmingham, offer the fantastic Venus Freeze to tackle aging skin.

​Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Options Birmingham


Looking for ​skin rejuvenation treatment options in Birmingham? Beyond Beauty, on Broad Street, offer the amazing Venus Freeze skin rejuvenation treatment

IPL or Laser Hair Removal?


What is IPL laser treatment? How does it work? Is it effective? Does it permanently remove unwanted hair? Beyond Beauty, Birmingham explains all.

​Skin Treatments in Birmingham For Sun Damaged Skin


Looking for skin treatments in Birmingham? Sun damaged skin? Red areas or blemishes? Beyond Beauty offer IPL treatment to reverse sun damage on skin.

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