​Men's grooming, and why it shouldn't be overlooked.

To all men out there, at Beyond Beauty, we believe that it’s important to look after your skin and keep up with a good personal grooming routine.

Men should not feel ashamed or embarrassed to look after their skin. There is so much stigma that it is a “female” or “girly” thing to do, but we’re all human – men or female, we all have skin and an appearance that needs to be looked after.

Making your appearance look better, healthier and younger are some of the great benefits of self-grooming. Having a neater appearance is good for your lifestyle, love life, and work life, and it shows that you care about the little things, by looking tidy and fresh.

Here at Beyond Beauty, some of our most popular treatments for men mainly consist of the Laser/IPL for the beard line, and our Dermalogica facials. We have a large list of male clientele, who regularly visit us for these treatments to upkeep their grooming routine, there is no stigma here at Beyond Beauty – we encourage it.

For men, one of their constant obstacles within their grooming routine, is hair. The constant need to shave to maintain a “neat and finished” look. Here at Beyond Beauty, we offer IPL and Laser hair removal which can be used for the full body. By reducing this unwanted hair, it will reduce the time you spend shaving.

We also want men to have a healthy glow to their skin. We have a variety of Dermalogica facials to suit your skin type and condition, and one of our therapists can help you determine what will be the best one for you. Here are some examples are below:

  • Do you feel as if your skin is showing signs of ageing with wrinkles and lines?

You may opt for the Age Smart facial.

  • Are you suffering from spot prone skin, do you feel as if your skin is oily?

The MediBac facial will leave your skin feeling clean and brand new.

  • Want that contoured look, a tighter and smoother face?

The Contour Facial will make you look like you’ve just had work done without the price.

With a range of different facials on offer to help your skin become rejuvenated, healthier and clean, it is a change that you will notice for the better. View our latest treatments here!

You will wake up and go to sleep looking and feeling fresh-faced. If you’re interested in booking a Dermalogica facial with us, follow this link, or alternatively you can call us on: 0121 643 4433, and one of our members of our team will get back to you promptly. 

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