7 key points that you need to know about dermal fillers

Often dubbed as the ‘Lunchtime Facelift’, dermal fillers are quickly growing in popularity. They are fantastic, non-invasive treatments that require little to no down time. Within half an hour, you can continue with your planned activities for your day.

In this blog, we have compiled together a list of the fantastic benefits that dermal fillers have.

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What are the benefits of using dermal fillers?

There are many fantastic benefits in choosing to have fillers. Some of which include:

  • You do not have to wait to enjoy the benefits of the treatment. As soon as your specialist completes your treatment, results are long-lasting.
  • Dermal fillers contain collagen or hyaluronic acid which are already included within the skin. When these are added, it causes the skin to look refreshed, hydrated and plump.
  • The results that you receive from dermal fillers can be very subtle. Fillers are great for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles to give a more youthful appearance.
  • As we age, the skin can succumb to gravity and lose its elasticity and tightness. Dermal fillers are fantastic for adding volume and fullness to the skin.
  • Dermal fillers can be applied to multiple areas. Some areas include: the cheeks, chin, chest or hands to smooth the skin for a more youthful look.

What are the side effects of using dermal fillers?

As with any treatment, there are potential side effects that you should be made aware of. These include:

  • Redness and swelling around the injection site. This is minimal and disappears within a few hours to a day.
  • Bruising is another potential side effect from using dermal fillers. However, this can be limited by following your specialist’s advice after the treatment has taken place.

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