An A-List treatment, for half the cost – The GeneO+ 4-in-1 Super Facial.

This is not a dream. In under an hour from just one session, you will see visible improvements to your skin!

Kellie, a blogger local to the city of Birmingham, recently visited our clinic to sample the GeneO+ Super Facial.

“Personally, I saw that just after one treatment, my skin felt and looked noticeably different. My skin had already become tighter, and I had a visible healthy glow to my skin. As someone who suffers from dry skin, after one treatment my skin felt smooth, showing how deep the exfoliation and infusion goes into your skin to make this difference.

“Cristina, my therapist at Beyond Beauty, explained the treatment beforehand and throughout the procedure, so that I was at ease and knew what was happening at all times. The sensation of tingling and burning within the first stage is bearable, and after the massage and heated wand in the final two stages, you forget the feeling ever existed”.

Delivering four treatments simultaneously, the GeneO+ not only exfoliates and infuses your skin, but it also oxygenates, tightens and contours’ it too. This is done in three simple steps:

1) Deeper exfoliation and oxygenation:

Within this step, we exfoliate your upper skin layer to remove dead cells, and to prepare the skin to receive nutrients. This part of the treatment is described as feeling ‘uncomfortable,’ with a ‘slight burning sensation,’ to the face. The pain level is bearable, however. This is because AHA acids are being worked into the skin, breaking down dead skin cells and any pigmentation present.

2) Infusion: Otherwise known as the “Massage” step.

More of the NeoRevive or NeoBright gel is applied for this infusion step, and the therapist uses a massage hand piece to allow your skin to absorb the gel. This is much more relaxing than the first step, as you do not feel any tingling sensations, but instead relaxing movements across the whole of your face.

3) Tripollar: Otherwise known as the “Heat” step:

This stage is optional within the GeneO+ Super Facial, but it is advised for great results. Using Tripollar technologies, your skin will become tighter, lifted and countered from this warm and relaxing sensation. The radio frequency waves within the Tripollar wand is used to stimulate and produce collagen, which immediately tightens the skin.

The only aftercare required for this super facial is to continue to use SPF on your face after the treatment, to make sure that it is protected. Also, for up to 24 hours you need to let your skin breathe. This means to not participate in any activities that will make you sweat, and to also not apply any makeup or hot water onto your face.

After this, your skin will be feeling good whilst looking good. As an added bonus, your makeup will glide on better, giving you that celebrity look. It normally takes around a week to see the best results, due to the Collagen from the Tripollar stage taking up to 2 weeks to reveal the maximum effects of soft glowing skin.

We normally recommend for the strongest level of results that you partake in 6 sessions, 1 every week, to get the best outcome and to maintain results

The GeneO+ Facial can be tailored easily to your skin’s needs, as for example as stated, the Tripollar stage is optional. You could instead opt for the Venus Freeze treatment or an LED Mask treatment instead, depending on what you prefer and what you and your therapist feels is best for you.

Sounds right up your street? If you're interested in the GeneO+ 4-in-1 Super Facial on for the month of November. You can check it out here.

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