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Skincare should always come first, and you don’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror to achieve the look you’re after. So, stop wishing that you had great skin, and go get it! At our beauty salon in Birmingham, we’ve been working hard over the last 5 years to bring you the most advanced beauty treatments. Our revolutionary skin clinic provides cosmetic treatments that are tailored to your skin type. To request a consultation with a Beyond Beauty certified beauty therapist, call us today on 0121 643 4433.

You can also call to discuss our range of skin rejuvenation treatments including Venus Freeze and GeneO Super Facials. Our leading beauty therapist recommends having an advanced skin analysis prior to treatments to ensure we look after your skin in the most effective way possible.

Beauty treatments at Beyond Beauty

At Beyond Beauty there are a range of treatments available to keep your skin feeling happy and healthy. Improving the appearance and feel of your skin has never been easier. Journey beneath your skin’s surface to find a long-lasting solution to healthier skin.

Identifying your skin type and any skin conditions can help us select the best course of beauty treatments for you. Below we explore some of our favourite skin rejuvenation treatments that can help your skin feel refreshed and revitalised.

Venus Freeze

Are you searching for a remedy to drooping, ageing or simply just weary looking skin? Do you have loose skin as a result of a body transformation/weight loss? Or maybe you have small spots of cellulite that won’t shift?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above, then we have the answer here at Beyond Beauty!

We offer a revolutionary skin treatment in our beauty salon called “Venus Freeze” which targets specific sections of the body (Venus Freeze being ideal for the face, neck and the body). This treatment tightens loose and drooping skin and also boosts collagen production in the targeted areas.

Venus Freeze is also applicable to any skin tone as the technology uses radio waves that are harmless to the skin.

Acne Treatment with IPL

We can all be affected by acne as it’s a very common skin condition that some experience worse than others. It’s tricky to find appropriate ointments and treatments since it’s difficult to find something that can prevent the production of oil and sebum, which is the main cause of acne. IPL can be used to treat acne by reducing the blood flow to the sebaceous glands. This slows the hyperactivity of the gland, which in turn, reduces the production of excess oil. This prevents the production of oil from the source and provides a long-term solution to a problem many of us face.

There is also no recovery time from IPL as the treatment is non-invasive. After your treatment, you can carry on with the rest of your day! Beyond Beauty therapists recommend six treatments to see the best results, which will relieve the negative impacts that acne has on your skin.

GeneO+ Super Facial

GeneO+ Super Facials are regarded as one of the top beauty treatments that we offer. GeneO+ works on the basis of induced skin oxygenation. This treatment triggers an automatic response in our body that sends oxygen to the targeted areas, giving the skin a higher amount of essential nutrients to replenish your skin. GeneO+ gets to work fast on hydrating and plumping up the skin to give a fuller look, whilst also reducing and closing your pores, which gives your skin a smoother appearance.

Book at our skin clinic today

Healthy skin is something we all aspire to have, but our goals can be halted by unfortunate skin conditions that can affect more than just our confidence. If you are curious about our wide range of skin treatments then come into our beauty clinic and speak to one of our beauty therapists. They can provide you with the support and advice that will match your skin profile to the most suitable beauty treatment. If you would like to visit our beauty salon in Birmingham then call us on 0121 643 4433 and request an appointment today. 

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