Beyond Beauty’s Top 5 Benefits of a Body Detox

Sometimes we let ourselves go over Christmas - alcohol, chocolates, sweets and lazing around, you may feel slightly on the down-side once the holiday period is over. But here at Beyond Beauty, we want you to be feeling and looking your best all year round, and what better time to start than in the New Year. 

A detox is one of the best ways to restart your body after Christmas holidays, and with our new detox deal, there’s no excuse! A detox involves getting rid of toxins from your body by disciplining yourself in what you eat, drink and how you live. 

This doesn’t mean to necessarily go on an extreme or fasting detox, which can be harmful to your body, but instead to perform a safe detox cleanse which benefits your body, emotions, look and health. 

Our top benefits of a body detox include:

  • 1) Mental benefits:

Having a release of toxins within your body will allow you to sleep and concentrate better by feeling as if you have a clearer mind. Having this clear state of mind will help you to feel cleansed mentally as well as physically, by being able to manage stress and your emotions better.

  • 2) More energy:

By removing toxins, bad food and negative thoughts from your lifestyle, you’ll gain your natural energy back, and more of it in that case. You will fill more productive, and more pro-active in your daily routines, as well as finding those early rises much easier. The glow doesn’t just show on the outside, it’s inside you as well.

  • 3) Builds your immune system:

By allowing your body to resume to a normal and healthy functioning state, your immune system will better due to the ability of it being able work better. By being able to access nutrients, herbs and vitamins in a more proficient manner, it allows you to keep healthy now and for the future.

  • 4) Better skin

With a detox, you can expect to not only feel good on the inside, but for this to show on the outside too. Your skin will be the main thing that displays this transition, with clearer, glowing complexion. This will help to clear up acne, spots and blemishes through the process of detoxing.

  • 5) Change your daily routine

Many people stick with a program for a few weeks and then get bored, tired or switch back to their old ways, however, when you see the benefits of a detox, this will motivate you to stick with it. This can lead to changes in your lifestyle; such as to maintain the detox, eating healthy, and quitting bad habits such as smoking and drinking.

The launch of ‘Beyond Beauty’s Supercharge Detox’ includes the offer of when you buy three body massages and three body wraps, you receive a complimentary Venus Freeze treatment (for your legs, arms or stomach only). This isn’t an offer you want to miss, so start your change for 2018 now and see the difference this can make. Find out more information, here.

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