Dermalogica is Santa’s gift to you for glowing skin

Christmas is upon us, and the festivities have begun. The snow, chilly nights and crisp air is out in full force, but we can’t let this ruin our skin for the holiday season.

With all those selfies, Christmas parties and seeing family and friends, here at Beyond Beauty, we want to make sure that you both feel and look good this winter – and with the help of the Dermalogica range, this is easily achievable. We offer a service to provide help for all to achieve this outcome, through treatments for all, recommendations of products and personal advice to suit your skin type.

Beyond Beauty's top 5 recommendations for the winter 

With Dermalogica facials, massages, as well as selling their high quality products, we have put together a list of some of the best products which will help you to achieve your easy and effortless Kim Kardashian glowing and healthy skin:

 1. Dermalogica: Skin Hydrating Masque

Restore your skin in time for Christmas with Dermalogica’s masque and treatment range. This particular hydration masque aims to restore your face by adding moisture and hydration into your skin. This helps to minimise any fine lines or cracks, creating a youthful glow whilst protecting you from the winter weather. 

2. Dermalogica: Overnight Repair Serum

You can never go wrong with an overnight serum for quick and easy results whilst you catch up on your beauty sleep. This overnight serum helps to stimulate repair by minimizing fine lines whilst increasing your skin’s luminosity. When you take it off in the morning you will feel like you're a changed person. 

3. Dermalogica: Special Cleansing Gel

Cleanser is the go-to product for you to ensure that your skin is fresh and healthy over time. Suitable for all skin conditions, this soap free foam cleanser leaves your skin feeling refreshed, rather than irritated and dried out. By purifying your skin, the cleanser takes away any dirt and toxins extracts from your skin, leaving you with a natural balance and a fresh face.

4. Dermalogica: Skin Perfect Primer SPF30 

Did you think being able to achieve a flawless Kardashian face of makeup was going to be difficult? With this velvet primer with added SPF for protection, it’s easy! Skin Perfect Primer creates a smooth and brightened base for your face, allowing your makeup to glide on evenly. By preparing your face first, this will help the way it not only goes on, but stays on, so you can be looking picture perfect all night long.


5. Dermalogica: Daily Resurfacer

This leave on treatment acts as a great treatment which in turn will exfoliate, brighten and tone your skin and is suitable for all skin types. With added acids and enzymes, after this treatment your skin will be left feeling smooth and looking young, as it helps to reduce signs of ageing whilst leaving your skin looking brighter and moisturised.

Whether you’re a teenager who wants clear skin with our ‘Dermalogica Teenage Clear Start Facial,’ or an adult going through Christmas-stresses and in need of our ‘Ultra-Calming’ Dermalogica facial to reduce tired looking skin; there is something here for you.

With 25% off treatments over Christmas, there’s no better time to refresh your appearance. Don’t decide when it’s too late - make your skin picture perfect all season long.

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