​How Effective is IPL and Laser Hair Removal

An interview with our experts

IPL Hair Removal Birmingham

We have many clients that come to us confused by these two hair removal methods - which works best? Is it painful?

IPL and Laser Hair Removal have been industry standard techniques for many years now but which one should you choose? 

A certainty with both of these methods is a reduction in the growth of hair. Here at Beyond Beauty, we think that you should hear from the experts who work here and get their opinion about the two techniques. We interviewed our therapists to give you an insight into both methods of hair removal.

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Here is what our therapists have to say...

How effective is IPL on different types of skin?

IPL hair removal isn’t suitable for people with white, grey, light or red hair due to the lack of melanin in the hair follicle. The treatment works most effectively on darker hair.

How effective is Laser Hair Removal on different types of skin?

Laser Hair Removal works best on Olive skin and dark hair. It also works on lighter skin with dark hair combinations - this is the most effective when it comes to laser hair removal.

What makes IPL and Laser Hair Removal different?

Both treatments produce energy to disrupt the growth of each hair follicle and to reduce the growth. The laser is an intensely concentrated beam of light, which goes deeper into the skin to reach the base of the hair follicle.

IPL is not laser. It produces a broad spectrum of wavelengths and cannot be focused to a concentrated beam.

Is IPL painful?

The amount of pain or discomfort experienced with IPL hair removal will, of course, vary with each individual depending on personal pain threshold, skin type and how sensitive the area being treated is. Generally, the feeling is described as a discomfort rather than pain.

Is Laser Hair Removal painful?

People describe the feeling during a laser procedure as a stinging sensation or the feeling of a rubber band being pulled taut and being snapped across the skin.

The experience is different for everyone because everyone hands pain and situations differently.

Do I need to prepare my skin before treatments?

Shave the area that will be treated, as instructed during the pre-treatment consultation. This usually needs to occur a day or two before the appointment. The hair follicles should be visible.

How many treatments would you recommend of IPL and Laser Hair Removal?

Unfortunately, no one can say for sure how many sessions it takes for any device to remove almost 100% of someone’s hair. There are many factors to consider which are related to you and your hair. on average, we tell almost everyone that 6-8 treatments are needed at monthly intervals to effectively remove most of the hair.

Will the hair grow back?

With each treatment, you will notice that the hair will grow back finer, unti it disappears entirely. We usually recommend a top-up treatment each 6-12 months to maintain smooth results.

We hope this interview answers some of your questions surrounding IPL and Laser Hair Removal. At Beyond Beauty we offer both IPL and Laser Hair Removal services - If you would like to know more about the services on offer or come in for your consultation then please get in touch with a member of our team today. Together we can create the hair free skin you desire.

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