IPL Hair Removal Treatment in Birmingham

Hair removal has come a long way from the trusty razor, nasty smelling hair removal creams or the painful wax.

Introduce IPL, which stands for “intense pulsed light” and you have much more effective hair removal treatment as well as various other dermatological procedures and is considered one of the best hair removal treatments in Birmingham.

How does IPL Hair Removal work?

IPL Hair Removal Treatment in Birmingham

IPL hair removal works by emitting a multiple of wavelengths that scatter within the skin targeting pigment, unlike other laser treatments which only have one specific wavelength.

The light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair and the heat kills the growing cells that make the hair.

IPL is a safe and efficient method of removing any unwanted hair, including facial hair removal and the certified beauty therapists at Beyond Beauty Birmingham pride themselves with providing expert advice, having the latest in skin care technology and delivering excellent results. So if you are considering permanent hair removal, laser hair removal or IPL hair removal, call 0121 643 4433 to book an appointment.

So, does IPL Hair Removal hurt?

At Beyond Beauty, we consider the sensation felt when having IPL hair removal as the feeling of being flicked with a hot elastic band but it can vary.

The permanent hair removal will require a minimum recommendation of 6 - 8 sessions lasting 15 - 90 minutes depending on the body area you are treating and the size of the area.

You will be left with long lasting IPL hair removal results and skin feeling smooth and beautiful without any damage to the skin that waxing can cause.

No more shaving rash, prickly stubble, waxing discomfort or messy hair removal creams, just beautiful, long lasting hair-free results.

Choosing Beyond Beauty for IPL Hair Removal

A reputable clinic is an absolute must when carrying out any type of procedure and indeed any laser hair removal. Nowadays, online reviews are a good indicator of a reputable clinic and we invite you to read the reviews from just some of our satisfied clients on our Beyond Beauty Birmingham home page should you need any reassurance when thinking about permanent hair removal.

At Beyond Beauty we use cutting-edge technology and the best products & techniques that are best for our clients.As a recognised beauty clinic in the beauty industry, we are continuously researching to ensure our clients receive the most effective and safest IPL hair removal in Birmingham.

Be assured that all technologies and treatments used by our therapists have been thoroughly tested by accredited specialists and physicians to ensure they are safe.

Our certified and experienced beauty therapists receive ongoing and advanced training so you can relax and trust that we at Beyond Beauty will deliver any laser hair removal procedure safely.

We offer a clean and hygienic environment where clients arrive feeling welcome and appreciated and leave as friends. We offer all our treatments at competitive prices.

Simply book an appointment and enjoy being pampered at our easily accessible, relaxed and modern surroundings in heart of Birmingham City Centre.

Beyond Beauty proudly offer both laser hair removal and IPL hair removal in Birmingham, however, these are two different treatments. Please contact us for further advice and availability, either via our website or by calling 0121 643 4433.

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