Light up your life, and your complexion, with our LED Mask Facials

You may have seen these amazing LED masks being used by the likes of the Kardashians, Katie Price, Chrissy Teigen, and Kate Hudson, but now, it’s your chance to transform your skin.

The LED Light Mask Facial is a treatment that we know will change your skin for the better by looking clear, glowing, and healthy!

LED Light Mask’s use low-level light therapy to expose the skin to clinically proven wavelengths of light, which is measured through safe doses with keep your skin healthy and undamaged. 

The light consists of particles called diodes within the powerful and bright light which kills bacteria that causes spots. This light energy is converted into your skin once it meets to allow the cells within your face to do their job – but at a quicker rate. This will speed up the production of collagen and elastin to give you a plumped and young look.

Our LED Skin Masks offer a light therapy treatment which is perfect for all skin types. Whether you have problematic skin, sensitive skin, suffer from sun damage, acne or wrinkles, this treatment will work for you and it is suitable for everyone to enjoy.

The different light options available allow the mask to be altered to meet your own individual needs. The different colours target different reactions within your skin at varying depths to produce the best results, tailored for you.

*The red light treatment stimulates collagen production within your skin, so you will leave the clinic looking as if you’ve just been abroad for a week with glowing and bright skin.

*The blue light treatment is suitable for those who suffer from spots and acne, and the mask aims to treat these areas of your skin by calming the parts which are irritated.

*Lastly, the infrared setting offers a deeper penetration from the mask which works stronger than both the red and the blue light, offering higher results.

After a consultation with one of our staff members, we can see which option is suitable for you. So what are you waiting for? Get booked in for an appointment now to see what the LED Mask can do for you.

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