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Our guide to Dermalogica Resurfacing Treatments

Not everyone has heard of the new treatment in the beauty industry but biosurface peel treatments are truly revolutionising the way breakouts and skin pigmentations are able to be treated. Dermalogica Resurfacing Treatments are able to create exceptionally smooth and bright skin whilst at the same time making skin look and feel more youthful. This time of year is when we want to look and feel our, we are here to help you achieve that. Here at Beyond Beauty we provide Bio Surface Peel treatments to clients on a regular basis and have expertly trained members of staff to provide one of the best services you will find. We are a Skin Clinic right in the City Centre of Birmingham and offer a warm and friendly environment for the treatment to take place. This post is here to talk through what exactly the Dermalogica BioSurface™ Peel treatment is, why you should think about investing in the treatment and some of the amazing results that we have been able to achieve for our clients.

If you have any questions about the services we offer here at Beyond Beauty then please get in touch with a member of our expertly trained team today and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

What are Dermalogica Resurfacing Treatments?

It is important to know exactly what a treatment is before deciding on whether it is a good fit for what you are trying to achieve. The BioSurface Peel treatment that we offer is provided by Dermalogica ™ and is an extremely new and effective skin resurfacing treatment. The main aim of the treatment is to aid in the reduction of acne, skin pigmentation and also effectively tackle any signs of aging that you may want to remove. The ultimate finished product - soft, bright and smooth skin. We are an accredited provider of Dermalogica products and all staff are fully trained in how to get the most out of the products and treatments.

If you would like to browse the full range of Dermalogica products and treatments we offer here at Beyond Beauty then please get in touch with a member of our team today or head on over to the link provided.

How do the Dermalogica Resurfacing Treatments work?

Another thing that is extremely important to understand is, how exactly does the treatment work? This ensures that there are no surprises when you come in for your treatment. As with many beauty treatments, the first step of the processes is coming down to the skin clinic and having your initial skin care consultation. When you come in for this consultation one of our therapist will assess your needs and requirements and match the best products and treatments to your needs. In addition to this we are able to fast track skin results with Dermalogica ™ and ensure that there is no down time. The Resurfacing treatment itself works with a person's skin chemistry and does not try to work against it. The peel is applied to a person's skin and is able to safely and effectively remove any unwanted outer layers of skin and helps regenerate the skin to create an extremely smooth and healthy area of skin.

It is important to note that there will be some post treatment care that clients must be aware of. Once the Resurfacing Treatment has been carried out the treated area may appear red and flushed but this is nothing to worry about. In addition to this you may notice some areas of dryness and tightness. All of this has been thought of by the guys at Dermalogica ™ so we recommend that you purchase the BioSurface Peel After Care Kit - One of our Skin Care Therapists will talk you through all of this.

Why do you need a Dermalogica Resurfacing Treatment?

There are a variety of reasons for you to consider the Dermalogica Resurfacing Treatment that we offer here at Beyond Beauty. As mentioned above the Bio Surface peel is able to achieve some great results for people leaving skin nourished, radiant and promotes the regeneration of skin in the treated area. So what are the main reasons to use this treatment? The Bio Surface Peel is used to address and fix the following skin conditions:

  • Skin Coarseness
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Areas of Acne
  • Areas of Hyperpigmentation

The treatment can also be used for different skin conditions, once you have had your first consultation with a therapist they will talk through the treatment that is a best fit for you and your skin condition, needs and wants. If you would like to browse some of the other treatments that we offer to clients then please head on over to our page detailing the Beauty Treatments in Birmingham that we offer.

Why choose Beyond Beauty?

Beyond beauty was founded back in 2012 and remains determined to offering clients the best specialised services that the industry has to offer! We remain up-to-date with the latest advancements in the beauty therapy world. In addition to our exceptional level of service we price these treatments very competitively to make the treatments available to any and everyone. In addition to this we have a variety of 0% finance deals available across many of the treatments that we offer. You can get in touch with a member of the beyond beauty team for the latest deals today. Our main aim as a Skin Clinic is to ensure that clients leave the clinic feeling confident and happy in their skin and that we are able to bring them closer to their ideal beauty and beyond!

If you have any questions about the Dermalogica Resurfacing Treatments that we offer here at Beyond Beauty then please get in touch with a member of our expertly trained team today!

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