Prepping Skin For Christmas


With the Christmas season fast approaching and temperatures starting to drop it is important to look after our skin. Looking and feeling our best is of the utmost importance for the festive season. Whilst maintaining a healthy and nutritional diet is extremely important there also a variety of things that you should be including during your beauty regime over the coming months. Some of the main things that you should consider are the hydration of your skin, clear and easy to follow beauty regime and also exfoliating your skin on a regular basis to remove any unwanted and dead skin cells. This post will be your one stop guide this Christmas.

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Keep your skin hydrated

We are aware that Christmas is a time to indulge yourself and eat things that you maybe shouldn't. It is very easy to drink and eat too much - Salty foods can be bad for your skin leading to dry skin and can also encourages spots to come to the surface of your skin. Excessive amounts of salt can also contribute to higher levels of blood pressure. It is important to balance the increase in food consumption with regular and frequent glasses of water - Hydration will keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. It will also improve the overall complexion of your skin. Not only does hydration improve your complexion but drinking water is extremely important to perform everyday bodily functions.

Make sure the skin care routine you use is simple and easy to follow

With there being so many different creams, products and pieces of information out there it is very difficult to find out what works for you and what doesn't. We are inundated with new creams and the best this and that - The key thing for an effective skin care regime during the festive period is that you must keep it simple and use a few products but ones that make a big impact on you and your skin. We recommend a cleanser as the first process as this will remove any unwanted dirt from your skin. Secondly applying a toner to your skin will help to remove any last traces of dead skin cells and unwanted material on the skin.

Once you have removed all of the unwanted skin cells from your skin, moisturising is important as this will ensure that hydration and moisture stay in the skin. With moisturisers you do not want your skin left feeling hard, dry and brittle. The final step in our simple skin care regime is exfoliation. Exfoliation helps to remove dead and dull looking skin cells from your skin and will help skin to look, feel and behave in a younger manner. All of the steps we have covered are important to ensuring that you have a simple, effective and easy to follow skin care regime.

Some of our treatments to help you!

We have a variety of great Beauty Treatments here at Beyond Beauty and you can check out the full range by heading on over to the link provided. Below are two of the great treatments we offer that will help you look and feel your best.

LED Facial Treatments

This revolutionary skin treatment will leave skin looking and feeling clearer - Many celebrities have been using this mask and are brilliant for those who may suffer from hyper-pigmentation and any acne issues

Body Treatments

Body treatments will help you get into the Christmas spirit with our rejuvenating and soothing range of treatments - We offer a wide range of massages including Swedish Massages, Hot Stone Messages and Therapeutic Massages - Head on offer to our beauty therapy page to find out more!

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