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Advanced Acne Treatment in Birmingham

Acne treatment in BirminghamTaking good care of your skin is important. It's your first defence against the sun's harsh rays and any dirt and bacteria you encounter throughout your day. Regular skin care is essential. Our beauty salon provides a variety of skin rejuvenation technologies to treat varying skin conditions including Acne, Facial Thread Veins, and Pigmentation marks. Our industry leading acne treatment in Birmingham use a range of Ellipse IPL techniques to help improve the appearance of your skin. For more information on our treatments or to book an acne treatment session, call us today on 0121 643 4433.

Our extensively trained beauty therapists are able to provide unparalleled skin rejuvenation treatments using Ellipse technology and is suitable for everyone who is interested in having healthier, clear skin. 

Skin care treatments you can rely on

The advancements in current skin care technology allow us to provide the very best acne treatment and best skin care products. Our beauty therapists are here to treat and pamper those who are looking to enhance the appearance of their skin, whilst looking to avoid long-term, invasive beauty treatments. Perfect for the well-groomed and health conscious, our industry leading skin care treatments are ideal for anyone interested in clearer, healthier looking skin. 

Our Facial Thread Veins skin care treatment is an extremely effective and safe way of removing any thread veins that have become visible on the surface of your skin. Facial Thread Veins are small blood vessels often visible around the nose and cheeks and can be caused by high sun exposure, and can form as a redness on the skin. 

As a relatively common skin condition, Acne affects most people at some point in their lives. It creates different types of spots and oily skin, and can often be painful and difficult to live with. Acne treatment is most commonly conducted on the face, back and chest, and is most commonly visible on the face. Our advanced Ellipse acne treatment can target acne at its centre point - the sebaceous gland. 

We also provide skin care for pigmentation and sun damage. Using Ellipse IPL technology, we can target damaged skin and have long lasting, clear skin after just 6 treatments. 

The best acne treatment in Birmingham

Acne is more than just a few spots. At Beyond Beauty we understand the struggles associated with the condition, and how your confidence and general well-being can be affected. Our skin care therapists can treat acne at the source and can alleviate the effects of acne. Acne is caused and commonly outbreaks into spots because the body is producing too much natural oil (sebum). Also common in adult acne, the sebum is produced by glands just under the skin, therefore causing oiliness on the surface. As the oil builds up, skin care becomes difficult and redness and inflammation follow. 

Using the acclaimed 'Ellipse' technology, our skin care experts target the acne inducing bacteria by reducing blood flow to the oil-secreting glands just below the skin's surface. This will slow the process of sebum production and reduces oiliness in your skin. 

Best acne treatment in Birmingham

As one of the best skin care products available, the Ellipse acne treatment uses short bursts of intense pulsating light (IPL) to target the affected areas. The short bursts of light are absorbed into the blood by a protein (haemoglobin). This protein carried oxygen throughout the body and prevents the blood vessels from effectively reaching the sebaceous gland and lowers the production of the oily sebum. This reduces the effects of acne and starts you on your journey to clear skin! 

Ellipse Acne Treatment with Beyond Beauty

This industry leading acne treatment is also helpful at reducing the scarring of long-term acne. You'll notice a reduction in acne from the very first acne treatment. Beauty therapists recommend at least 6 courses of acne treatment to see the very best results for clear skin. The effects of the Ellipse acne treatment are unparalleled and other industry treatments such as creams and gels cannot provide acne scar treatment. To book an acne treatment session today call us on  0121 643 4433. Our industry leading beauty therapists are experts in providing Birmingham's best acne treatment.

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