Summer Beauty Treatments - Our Top Picks


Summer Beauty Treatments

Summer Beauty Treatments - Our Top Picks

Summer is well and truly here, the pollen count is rising and the world cup is in fall swing. England is set to be hit by yet another heat wave and we are certain that you will want to look your best for the warm weather! Summer improves everything, the increase in vitamin d boosts both morale and our tans - but what beauty treatments should you think about having this summer? Summer is a time for friends, family, fun and sun! This post is here to give you an insight in to the main beauty treatments that we offer for our clientele during the summer period and why you should think about purchasing these treatments to look your best this summer.

If you have any questions about the range of beauty treatments we offer here at beyond beauty then please get in touch with a member of our expertly trained team who will be happy to talk you through the full range of treatments that we offer!

Our Summer Beauty Treatments

We have a variety of great beauty treatments that we think are a great fit to anyones summer beauty regime. For those who have not used Beyond Beauty, we are a Beauty Salon in the City Centre of Birmingham and offer a variety of exclusive, affordable and high quality skin care and beauty treatments. Our top summer beauty treatments can be found below:

Our Venus Freeze Treatment

Venus Freeze treatments are something that not a lot of people have heard of or experienced and we are lucky enough to have state of the art equipment at the salon. To those who are unaware about what exactly venus freeze is - it is a form of non-invasive anti ageing treatment and its main aim is to improve any sagging skin and firm up the area. This helps to reduce lines and wrinkles and restore a more ‘youthful’ look to our clients. This is perfect for those who are middle aged and are starting to see the first signs of wrinkles making their mark on the skin. These sessions are usually within a 30 minute time period and we recommend that clients have between 6-8 sessions. This allows you to get the results you are after and improve your self confidence.

You can find out more about the Venus Freeze Treatments we offer in Birmingham by heading on over to the link provided.

Reduce your hair growth with IPL Laser Hair Removal

One thing you do not want to worry about during the summer period is the constant shaving of bikini lines, cuts and scratch marks left from a razor. You want to be able to enjoy and relax whilst on your holiday knowing that there are no hairs on show. IPL Laser Hair removal allows you do just that - IPL stands for intense pulsed light and is one of the best technologies on the market when it comes to removing unwanted hair - Unlike most traditional laser hair removal techniques which have just one singular wavelength emitted. The IPL has a wide range of wavelengths produced ranging between the 500 and 1,200 nanometres mark. A lot of jargon we know - what this essentially means is that with IPL you are able to target a broader and wider area of skin whilst still managing to prevent the growth of hair. Contrary to what some people have heard and believe IPL Hair Removal is not that painful it is very similar to a traditional laser treatment in which some people believe it “feels like being flicked with a hot elastic band”.

We recommend that clients have between 6-8 treatments on the given area to ensure that the best results are achieved. If the area that is to be treated is on the larger side then it is important to factor this in when pricing up your IPL Hair Removal treatment. You can find out more about the IPL Hair Removal Treatments that we offer in Birmingham by heading on over to the link provided

Check out the great Geneo+ Facial

GeneO+ Facials is a great treatment to use and make the most of this summer! It combines 4 key elements of beauty treatments in one treatment and is able to get some great results for our clients. The key components with this treatment are as follows:

Exfoliation - This process involves the removing of old and dead skin cells that are on the outer surface of the skin. Exfoliation is used with GeneO+ Facial - Exfoliation is the starting block for the GeneO+ Facial and leaves the skin in a state where the treatment is most effective

Infusion - The GeneO+ facial infuses a variety of active ingredients directly into the skin. Infusion means the delivery of a substance in most cases liquid down in to a vein. This helps get the crucial elements into the skin and improve the overall look of the treated area.

Oxygenation - This is another crucial step for GeneO+ facial as this adds oxygen in to any of the bodies systems. This helps to bring new life in to the skin and improves the overall health of the treated area. The replenishment of oxygen through this treatment allows the oxygen to smooth out any wrinkles and restore youthfulness in to the face.

Tightness and Contours - The end product - tighter looking skin along the jawline with the ability to lift any sagging brow lines and massively helps to eliminate the sageness that is apparent under eyes.

Because this treatment is able to combine ‘the 4 in 1 approach’ clients are able to have the optimal environment for the infusion of essential nutrients directly into the treatment area. In addition to this we are so confident in this treatment that we are sure that first time clients that they will see benefits from the 1st treatment!

Who are Beyond Beauty?

Beyond Beauty was founded back in 2012 and are determined to offer clients exceptionally specialised services that have the latest technological advancements. We are one of the best Skin Clinics in Birmingham - We only use the products that we believe in and have proven results. Our main goal is to bring people closer to their ideal beauty and beyond.

If you have any questions about the varying Summer Beauty Treatments that we offer here at Beyond Beauty then please get in touch with a member of our expertly trained team today and we will be happy to help in whatever way we can.

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