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A natural healing massage

A professional massage can restore your skin’s natural beauty and strength but there is more. Beyond Beauty has a group of massage specialists who offer touch therapy, an all-natural and non-invasive technique to stimulate your body’s natural immune system.

You will feel centred, calmer and more in control of your emotions after a touch therapy session. Similar to the stress-free surroundings of a Swedish massage, your certified touch therapist will use their learning and hands to invisibly hover over or around different areas of the body, channelling away negative energy and in turn, stimulating your immune system. 

The human body naturally contracts around areas of pain. Our therapeutic touch methods are here to locate and lessen the tension and stress in your body, allowing your natural defences to take full flight to heal your body’s emotional system, which in turn ignites and rejuvenates your skin and overall feeling of wellness. Massages will also be tailored to your needs and specific areas of the body that need attention. This will leave your body feeling and looking healthier and rejuvenated making you feel more confident and stress free.


Swedish Massage - On a monthly basis, this well-known body massage is taken up by many clients because of its de-stressing and detoxing effects. Benefiting both your mind and body with gentle and rhythmic movements to sooth your tired muscles as your therapist works on your neck, shoulders, back, arms and legs. Your therapist will use various pressures on specific areas on your body, as well as lightly applying therapeutic oils to warm your body and release the build-up of any lactic acids that causes muscle tightness; leaving your body feeling not only refreshed and healthy and your mind, stress free.

Hot Stone Massage - Skin care professionals use hot stones as part of an advanced body treatment to help increase a client’s circulation and to reduce muscle tension. It is a safe and effective treatment to relieve the daily stresses of life. Your therapist will warm your body with a gentle massage and then she will use the hot stones, which have a main factor of heat, to provide your body with a natural inflammatory remedy. This is an extension of her hands for a deep, muscle relaxation session catered for your needs by using other natural remedies and oils, such as sea salt, lavender oil and mint oil ect.

Therapeutic Massage - This relaxing massage helps to elongate your muscles, treat injuries from accidents, soothe spinal problems and improve your posture. It also helps to maintain your circulation, which is beneficial for your body as it supplies oxygen to the brain and other organs to help cellular growth thus promoting healthier skin. Your therapist will also teach you how to breathe deeply and properly to maintain your vitality. 

Sports Massage - A Sports Massage is the most complex massage on the market, with a strong focus on relaxing deep tissues and pressure points, stretching, improving circulation and helping your body cells to oxygenate more effectively. This massage consists of a combination of deep tissue massages, therapeutic massages and pressure point movements in vital areas of your body that need that specific attention. If you are particularly sporty, it is recommended that you have this treatment once a week to maintain your physique. If you do not take part in regular sporting activities, it is recommended that you have this massage once a month to maintain your flexibility, mobility and blood circulation. Each session will be a minimum of 90 minutes to achieve the best results possible.

Deep Tissue Massage -  The Deep Tissue Massage is perfect for reducing cellulite. With this treatment, your therapist will use a firm pressure with slow, rhythmic movements to deeply penetrate all levels of the cellulite, which liquefies the solid fat in the body to a fluid. This particular massage is utilised for leg muscle tightness and is advised continuously for a weekly detox and easier elimination. This can be used as a more affordable alternative to Venus Freeze. Additionally, pain levels can be adapted to cater to your needs as the massage penetrates all levels of the cellulite.


We also offer

Reflexology - The practice of reflexology focuses on your feet, lower legs, hands, and ear area. It is a non-intrusive health therapy, based on the idea that different points on the feet, lower legs, hands and ears are linked to different areas of the body, such as the organs. Our trained and certified therapists work with you to help you achieve greater vitality, improve well-being and promote better health. Additionally, reflexology can be used to pinpoint and locate the problem areas within the body for better health.

Head Massage - The Head Massage is perfect for combating insomnia, relieving headaches, migraines, neck stiffness, tenseness of the shoulders and for overall stress relief. This treatment focuses specifically on the head, neck and shoulders to promote overall well-being and allows you to destress after a busy day.

Face Massage - Stimulating the facial muscles, tightening the skin around the decollete area and relaxing the neck's pressure points, the Face Massage is perfect to give your skin that perfect pick-me-up, whilst naturally uplifting the face, simultaneously offering a deeply relaxing experience. This particular massage is recommended with other facial treatments such as Venus Freeze, GeneO+s and Dermalogica facial etc.

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