Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal works in a similar way to IPL, however Laser is a concentrated beam of light which penetrates the skin more accurately than IPL.

Many people opt for Laser treatment as they see better results in a slightly quicker time frame.

As hair grows in cycles, one treatment will not be sufficient in significantly reducing hair growth, so a minimum of 6 sessions are recommended to see the best possible results. 

Does it hurt?

The sensation is similar to IPL, and is likened to an elastic band snapping at the skin. 

The benefits

Laser hair removal like IPL significantly reduces hair growth, and rids you of unwanted hair leaving you with long lasting results. 

However, there is a difference between the two treatments. IPL treatment involves short bursts of light, whereas laser treatment involves is a beam of light which penetrates the hair follicle accurately. 

As the treatment is more precise, it produces quicker and effective results.

Looking for IPL Hair Removal?

Click here for more info. More on IPL hair removal.

Request a free Laser Hair Removal consultation

A consultation is manditory, as you will need a patch test before any treatment commences.

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