Beyond Beauty knows that acne affects your well-being and your self-confidence, and that's why your condition will be dealt with at the source, not superficially.

Why do we get acne?

The root cause of acne is the fact that too much of a natural oil, called sebum, is produced by the small sebaceous glands just below the skin's surface. Bacteria thrives when this oil builds up in hair follicles, leading to redness, soreness and inflammation.

How the Ellipse Acne Treatment Works

Beyond Beauty uses the acclaimed Ellipse programme to target the bacteria that causes the condition by reducing blood flow to the sebaceous glands, which in turn slows down the production of sebum.

The Ellipse acne treatment consists of short bursts of IPL (intense pulse light). The technician directs these pulses at the affected skin area. These are absorbed in the blood by the protein called haemoglobin, which carries oxygen throughout the body. As the pulse light in the blood vessels supplying the sebaceous glands inhibits the production of sebum, the bacteria stops irritating the walls of the hair follicles, thereby alleviating the effects of acne.

The skin treatment also deals with the aftermath of acne by reducing scarring. The aesthetic effects are noticeable from the first session, and they last far longer than any other type of treatment on the market today, including topical creams, antibiotics or gels. There's no downtime when using this technique, and you can resume your regular activities straight away.

Therapists recommend a minimum course of 6 treatments to see the best results possible.

Does it hurt?

As with all IPL based treatments, the sensation is likened to an elastic band snapping at the skin.

Request a free Acne consultation

A consultation is manditory, as you will need a patch test before any treatment commences.

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