Venus Freeze

Venus Freeze is a heat based treatment which simultaneously reduces stretch marks, wrinkles and cellulite while tightening and contouring the face, neck and body.

It is highly successful in circumferential fat reduction (inch loss), and is great for both ladies and gentlemen.

This treatment can be used on the face neck and body, and is non-invasive, meaning there is no down time required after the treatment, and also suits all skin types.

Experience Venus Freeze

Non-Surgical Body Contouring:

The inch-loss programme does away with fatty deposits around your thighs, bottom, hips, waist and underarms, tightening your silhouette and improving skin elasticity for a perfect contour.

Cellulite Reduction:

Say goodbye to cellulite with the Venus Freeze. Our therapists will help you unwind and shed the cellulite comfortably, toning and firming your body within minutes.

Skin Tightening:

Coupled with the Pulsed Magnetic Fields that regenerate the skin, the Venus Freeze procedure is a sure-fire solution in tightening skin. Stretch marks on your thighs and torso, loose skin under your arms, fine lines on your neck and décolletage, and wrinkles around the eyes or mouth and on the forehead are easily dealt with in only a few sessions.

Venus Freeze

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